This is Goodnight But Not Goodbye

(All photos courtesy of our talented sister Abbey Theban)

Congratulations to everyone that graduated from Mizzou this past weekend. We are sad to see our seniors leave, but we are excited to see what lies ahead for these wonderful women.


“Many of my leadership experiences, lessons learned, and most of my happiest memories here happened thanks to Alpha Phi. I can’t imagine how my life would be if I hadn’t joined the big White House on Providence,” said graduate and Alpha Phi Claudia Tran.


These ladies walked through the front doors of Alpha Phi about four years ago on Bid Day as complete strangers. Four short years later, they can’t imagine life without each other. Fortunately, you are not just sisters for four years, but for life.


Remember ladies: This is goodnight, but not goodbye.


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5 Tips for Successful Finals

It’s the last week of the semester, which means finals are underway. Here are some tips on how to finish out the semester strong.

1. Start studying early

It takes a long time to study for finals. If you start earlier, then you can study some each day instead of cramming the day before. This will help you be more prepared and less stressed for the exam.

2. Make study guides

Cumulative finals will have material on them from the first week of the semester, which you have probably forgotten at this point. Making a study guide will make you go through your old notes and think about which information is most important and what concepts go together. Making a study guide not only makes your notes cleaner to study later, but it is a good study method in itself.

3. Study in a good environment

Everyone likes to study in different places. Wherever you go to study, make sure that it is somewhere away from distractions, so that you can concentrate.

4. Study with sisters

Before you take a test, study with other people in that class. They might be able to explain concepts to you and talking it over with a friend is a great way to see what you still need to look over more.

5. Manage your time

Schedule out your time well, so that you make sure you give each class the attention it needs.


Good luck studying for finals. Keep working hard to finish out the semester well!

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A Phi Takes 5th in Greek Week

Mizzou Alpha Phi along with the men of Phi Kappa Theta and Alpha Gamma Sigma took 5th place in Greek Week!

This year, each pairing got a different movie as their theme and ours was “Avatar”.  In our skit, we went all out. Along with getting third place overall in FLING, we got best costumes, best backdrops and props, and best actor!

skitters and dancers

Another major accomplishment this Greek Week was winning first in the basketball tournament!  The tournament was full of fierce competition, but after many games and a lot of hard work, we got the gold.



No Greek Week games would be complete without a large crowd and lots of spirit sticks to cheer on all of our sisters.




Although placing well is an added bonus, participating in various service events is what makes Greek Week important. It is giving back to the community that is the most rewarding of all.

special olympics 2

We had a great time working hard for a cause this Greek Week and we are so happy that all of our hard work paid off!


Alpha Phi Mom’s Weekend


This weekend, we were excited to welcome our mothers to Columbia for a weekend of fun, friends, and family! Mom’s weekend is a great way for mothers to get to visit with their daughters, meet their daughters’ friends, and learn more about Alpha Phi.


The weekend started off on Friday evening at Harpo’s Bar and Grill for dinner. It was a great start to the weekend because the moms could sit and visit with their daughters, while meeting new people.


On Saturday, we enjoyed the beautiful, sunny weather at Serenity Valley Winery. We spent the warm, spring afternoon in the beautiful outdoors. There were tables by the lake, food, and a live band. It was a great time and the beautiful scenery and sunny day was perfect for pictures!



On Sunday morning, there was a brunch at the Alpha Phi house. During the brunch, the mothers got to eat delicious food that was prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff. There were tables set up outside for eating and vendors in the house selling cute clothing and jewelry.


And of course, no Mom’s Weekend would be complete without a beautiful banner to take pictures in front of and cute merchandise.


Overall, it was a great weekend! Thank you to all of the moms and families that came to Columbia this weekend!



Alpha Phi Welcomes New Sisters

Many fun activities took place last week for the Spring 2014 initiation.

The new pledge class had a Big/Little Reveal on Tuesday. The bigs went out and bought funny socks for their littles to wear. The bigs then set up in the basement and held up a sheet, so that all the new members would see when they walked in were socks. The littles found the socks that matched the ones they had been given and when the sheet dropped, their bigs’ faces were revealed. This was a new way of doing Big/Little reveal for Omicron and it was a lot of fun.


Also on Tuesday, a flower ceremony was held in which the bigs said three qualities that their littles bring to Alpha Phi and were given a flower.


All of this was a lead-up to initiation. On Saturday, Alpha Phi Omicron initiated 23 wonderful new members to our chapter. After initiation, many new members got a chance to meet their pledge families over dinner. Congratulations to all of the new members and welcome to the family!


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Alpha Phi Took Third Place in RAMS

Rocking Against Multiple Sclerosis, more commonly known as RAMS, is a Greek fundraising competition that is held every year. RAMS made $65,000 towards Multiple Sclerosis and Mizzou Alpha Phi placed third in the competition. Our chapter is extremely proud of placing third in the overall competition, but even more proud to know that we helped raise money for such an important cause.


Alpha Phi participated in RAMS through a service day, comedy night, trivia night and more. One of our favorite RAMS events is Rock It, a lip syncing and dance competition. Our theme for Rock It was the Alpha Phi Dolls, where our dancers performed to various songs by the Pussycat Dolls.


Rocking Against Multiple Sclerosis is something that Mizzou Alpha Phi is really proud to be a part of. Senior Vanessa Hays took her dedication to this competition even further by serving on the RAMS Steering Committee. Keep checking out @MizzouAlphaPhi on twitter for information on when and how to apply for RAMS Steering Committee for the upcoming school year.




Alpha Phi Executives Travel to Atlanta for Leadership Conference

This weekend, Mizzou Alpha Phi’s Executive Board traveled to Atalanta for the Alpha Phi Southern Leadership Conference 2014. At the conference, Omicron’s Executives were able to meet with Alpha Phi’s from 30-40 other chapters.

Alpha Phi Executive Board in Atlanta

Our Executives attended sessions with Executives from other chapters that hold their same position to learn from what other chapters do as well as to share ideas.


“We each learned so much regarding our own individual positions. We left the conference with lots of new ideas and a better understanding of what it means to be on the Executive Board of Alpha Phi,” Director of Administration Clare Hanks said.

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Why We Rock the Red Dress

Philanthropy 1

One of the main things that Alpha Phi values is philanthropy. Every year, Mizzou Alpha Phi hosts the Rockin’ Red Dress Poker Tournament and proceeds from the event benefit women’s cardiac care through the Alpha Phi Foundation.

“The Alpha Phi Foundation is important because it is so influential to individuals, hospitals, research and the advancement of women’s cardiac care. They make it their mission to not only donate and support women’s cardiac care, but to influence and educate future leaders that will further the Foundation’s efforts,” Director of Philanthropy Michelle Kramer said.

This year, the event is on Feb. 22 in the Reynolds Alumni Center on campus. You can sign up for the event and make a donation here. Last year, Mizzou Alpha Phi raised over $16,000 and the goal is to exceed last year’s proceeds.

Philanthropy 2

There are some new additions to the event this year such as vendors from Stella&Dot, A-list Designs and Southern Tide. There are also new activities such as a photo area, activities for kids and a larger Silent Auction.

The Rockin’ Red Dress Poker Tournament is such a large event and it means a lot to us that we are able to make a difference.

“I take pride in knowing that we are doing our small part as a chapter through our poker tournament and helping sisters in need everywhere,” Michelle Kramer said.

We rock the red dress to make a difference. It’s a great event for a great cause and we hope to see you there!


A Phi Goes Abroad Over Winter Break

While winter break was a time where many Alpha Phis had to part ways, some members used the long break to go abroad together.

Kristin Rawie and Kellen Kimmel Volunteered in Nicaragua

Kristin Rawie and Kellen Kimmel traveled to Nicaragua over their winter break to set up medical clinics. Their services provided people access to doctors and medicine free of charge.

Kellen Kimmel volunteering at a medical clinic in Nicaragua.

Kellen Kimmel volunteering at a medical clinic in Nicaragua.

“The people were all so kind and many walked hours to get to the clinics. It really makes you look at the world from a different perspective.” said Kristin.

Kristin Rawie and Kellen Kimmel volunteering in Nicaragua

Kristin Rawie and Kellen Kimmel volunteering in Nicaragua.

Katie Miller and Melina Loggia Toured Europe

Katie Miller and Melina Loggia went on the Europe Tour Winter Intersession Program through MU Journalism Abroad. On this tour, they went to Brussels, Paris, Prague and Rome.

Melina Loggia and Katie Miller at the Tevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Melina Loggia and Katie Miller at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

Katie Miller and Melina Loggia at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Katie Miller and Melina Loggia at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.



Fall Season with 906!

It’s been a busy Fall season for the Omicron ladies! So in case you missed anything, here are some of the fun things we’ve been doing these past couple of weeks.

We pulled out our plaid from the closet for this year’s first date party, Hayride! We had way too much fun dressing in our country best. With an actual hayride, a huge bonfire, and a DJ/dance floor, there was something for everyone to do to have a great night.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Our freshmen also received their sorority “bigs” this month in our Big/Little Reveal. After a week of anonymous presents like teddy bears, picture frames, and APhi letters, the new members found out who their “big” was! As always, it was a super fun tradition. Check out some pictures of the week/the creative shirts that the sophomore class created:

photo 2

photo 5

photo 3

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

We had an awesome result for our New York themed Homecoming 2013, we’re so proud of all of the hard work that our pairing put in this year! Here are our results:

1st place in Service

3rd place in Royalty

4th place in Fling

5th place in Decorate the District

5th place in Blood

Our float, house decorations, props, and banners were awesome. We had such a fun time with our Sig Pi/TKE pairing this year.

photo 2


photo 4photo 5

photo 2

Next up, GREEK WEEK!

This week begins our Initiation Week! We can’t wait to initiate 87 new beautiful members into our Omicron chapter this Sunday. But in the meantime, check out some of our other photos of all of the fun events that have been happening this Fall!


photo 5

photo 1


photo 1